I thought I would write to say how much [my wife] and I enjoyed attending the Venice Cortina conference, recently completed. The contrast between the coastal town of Venice and the mountain town of Cortina was magnificent and I am sure this will become a regular and very popular event.

Many thanks to you both for all the work that was put into the organisation not only of the scientific program but also of the social program. We particularly enjoyed the day on the via ferrata which was unforgettable and most magnificent scenery.

I thought the group was about the right size and was a very pleasant group of people who we enjoyed meeting and having as travelling companions.

With kind regards and all good wishes.


This letter is to express my sincere congratulations for a fantastic conference in Venice.

I have attended many legal conferences including the Commonwealth Law Conference in Melbourne two years ago but the enjoyment and satisfaction in attending your conference was unsurpassable. In particular your enthusiasm and passion in the running and management of the conference as well as the actual conference sessions were inspirational and highly informative. The reserved seating in the front row of the Vivaldi Concert was the greatest standard of care that I have been afforded at any legal conference as a delegate.

The quality and content of the sessions was of an extremely high standard and only matched by the enthusiasm of the speakers for their various topics. Thanks again for a tremendous conference. Hope to see you at another conference soon.

– WB, Australia

I have returned to US and was musing over my most recent trip to Italy. It was both lovely and perfect. Lovely had much to do with the location, which was beyond beautiful. Perfect had much to do with your work on my behalf. Thank you very much for your help and please know your efforts were greatly appreciated.

– L L, Michigan, USA

Thanks for organising another fabulous conference and making sure there was also a fun side to the CPD component! We look forward to joining your conferences again in the near future.

– M G, NSW, Australia

We had a great time and I highly commend the organising that all of you take great time in doing to ensure things run smoothly for all participants.

– D C, NSW, Australia

Sincere thanks for another enjoyable conference, your efforts and arrangements. The excursion was memorable – not to mention the lunch. My wife is still talking about the gardens. I will work at making my attendance at more of these conference a habit.

– D H, NSW (Regarding Rome 2012)

We enjoyed immensely both the Matterhorn and the Venice/Verona conferences. The academic program was varied and interesting, and the locations were superb.

One comment that I would make (and others have also made to me) – there is a wealth of experience (medical and legal) present in the room at these conferences, with many specialty interests. The general discussion that accompanied the lectures (and which often wandered off the specific topic, but covered no less relevant issues) was often very interesting.

Thanks once again for a great trip.

– Dr DW & Dr CN

That was just a wonderful conference and [my husband] and I are looking forward to doing many more with you. [My husband] and I both loved the conference content and found it very practical and some good debating and a lot of the lectures gave us and showed us the bigger picture, than just the lectures we have on medical conferences where you are looking at why a drug has this side effect and how the cells are broken.

CPE’s conferences gave us a legal element that we had never experienced and we are just raving about these conferences to everyone. We also really really enjoyed the Italian flavour of the [at Cortina] conference and the fine dining and it was just superb.

Thank you so very very much. We just had the most wonderful time and I’m really looking forward to doing September in Rome with you. You’ll be seeing a lot more of us at your conferences.

– I P, QLD, Australia

What a delight to meet you both and thank you so much for such a relaxing and fun experience! Your travel arrangements went like clockwork and we had no problem anywhere along the line. [My husband] and I were fascinated by the content of the lectures. Castiglione, I thought was the highlight – being the real Sicily. It was truly a great experience and we are working out how to join you on another one. Your travel organisation deserves top marks – have had some disasters with other set ups – but paperwork, seamless arrangements for travel and the best fun made for a huge success in our book. Thanks again.

– R and J BW, Australia