We do things differently & that makes the difference.

CPE Conferences’ success as a quality CPD provider is not based on a formula, but an exciting kaleidoscope of internationally crafted exclusive academic and social programs perfected over the last 24 years by a team of professionals, for professionals.

With a broad and comprehensive academic program delivered by speakers that are innovative leaders in the fields of Law, Medicine, Business and Technology.

Expect the unexpected. Unlike other conferences, our academic agenda remains fluid until the commencement of the conference.

This enables us to capitalise on the educational opportunities presented by both the location and the constant changes in global current affairs and technology faced by legal, medical and dental professionals in the 21st century.

Our speakers share their insights with you in an informal setting conducive to fostering an increase in both knowledge and networking prospects as well as the enrichment of your CPD experience.

These bespoke programs provide a dynamic, relevant and rewarding experience that broadens the mind through a cross-pollination of ideas, across a diverse range of cultures and professions.

Peruse our website for forthcoming legal conferences, medical conferences and dental conferences.


 Pan Europe Pacific Conference

Paris, France

10 - 17 July 2019



East West Conference

St Petersburg, Russia

19 - 26 July 2019



Pan Europe Pacific Conference

Lisbon, Portugal

9 - 16 September 2019