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Dental Agendas

At CPE Conferences, our mission is twofold…

At CPE Conferences, our mission is twofold - to deliver high quality academic content from Australian and International Specialists in Dentistry, Medicine and the Law and to provide access to experts local to the dental conference destination. Our longstanding tradition has been to push the delegates’ educational boundaries by exploring the conference destination not only through travel, but also through its dental, medical and legal environment and political context.  We do this by arranging local expert speakers and academic field trips and believe this gives learning a new dimension.


The bulk of the academic content consists of leading Australian Doctors and Dentists presenting on their area of expertise. We also have speakers covering topics on innovation in medicine, dentistry and public health. This is complemented by expert Solicitors, Barristers and Judges who present on Dento-legal issues pertinent to the practitioner.


Many of our dental conference destinations take people off the beaten track, and our academic agendas reflect that from an intellectual standpoint. This unique approach has been appreciated by delegates over the decades as it has provided access to academic experiences that they would not have otherwise had in a standard conference environment.


To provide such diversity in our academic agendas, and particularly to enable us to provide unique local experiences, we do not publish the academic agenda in advance. Often local presenters are unable to commit to a specific session time months in advance. We believe (and indeed our feedback reflects) that the local presenters and field trips add immeasurable value to the academic experience and as such we want to preserve our ability to include the local experts. The academic agenda is released on the day of Welcome Drinks, the day before the first academic sessions.

Self Assessment for CPD hours

Based on our reading of the Dental Board of Australia's Guidelines: Continuing Professional Development, many of our sessions attract relevant CPD hours as part of Clinically or Scientifically Based activities, under either Dento-legal responsibilities or specific topics on Dental health and closely related medical issues. For most other sessions, CPD hours are claimable under Non-Scientific activities. After the conference you will receive a Certificate of Attendance for your CPD records.

Further questions?

If you have any further questions regarding CPD & Accreditation please email [email protected] For more information on a specific conference please register interest on the specific conference landing page. Choose the conference here.