The Barcelona Urban List


Discover Barcelona through her delicious tapas, wine and cava drinks and amazing food culture like a true local. Below is our pick of the best restaurants Barcelona has to offer.

ENIGMA €€€ | Area: Sant Antoni | Carrer de Sepúlveda, 38-40 | Metro: Villarroel (violet line L2) | Website

Few restaurants in the world are as shrouded in mystery as the appropriately named Enigma, the latest venture from celebrity chef brothers Ferran and Albert Adrià. If you think you have experienced everything a restaurant could offer, be sure to try Enigma. Focusing more on the culinary journey of flavor and experiences than simply serving fine food, her appeal is directed enormously to seasoned, adventurous eaters, but maybe less so to fussy ones. Arrive at the address, unlock the door using the secret code you got when you made the reservation, and walk through the looking glass. You start out in a shimmering silver maze, and you end up with one of the most extraordinary culinary experiences of your life.

Who goes:
Gourmands wanting an unforgettable experience - Set meal eaten with little or no prior information.

Experimental (40 to 50 courses of a continuously changing menu by the Adrià brothers)

Lunch: Saturdays from 13.00hrs to 14.30hrs
Dinner: Tuesdays to Saturdays from 19.00hrs to 21:30hrs

+34 616 69 63 22

 TEORIC €€ | Area: Eixample | Carrer de Bailèn, 117 | Metro: Liceu (green line L3) | Website

Eschew the tourist trail for this up-and-coming restaurant, which has already wowed the critics and local foodies. Run by top Barcelona restaurateurs Teo Rubio and Oriol Casals, Teòric has quickly gained a loyal following for its creative gastronomy. You have the sense that this restaurant is more than a job - it represents a belief that food should be local, sustainable, creative, accessible and authentic in a way that highlights the very best of Catalonia. Our favorite dishes include the hearty meatballs with squid and the rice with cod and wild mushrooms.

Best tips:
Make a reservation, come hungry and trust the staff!

Balanced mix of traditional and innovative Catalan cuisine.

Lunch: Tuesdays to Saturdays from 13.30hrs to 15.00hrs
Dinner: Tuesdays to Saturdays from 20.30hrs to 22:30hrs

+34 930 00 25 52

PEPA PLA €€ | Area: Eixample | Carrer d'Aribau, 41 | Metro: Liceu (green line L3) | Website

A recent addition to Barcelona’s gastro bar scene is the slightly off the radar - Pepa Pla. Originally a book shop some of the classic elements from that time have been beautifully preserved, such as the book shelves on the walls that are now filled with wine bottles, the colourful floor tiles and the exposed brick walls. If Pepa Pla didn’t serve food, it could quite easily hold its own as a natural wine bar. The selection is impressive—organic wine, natural wine, biodynamic wine. And if you get tired of wine, there’s an entire range of vermouth and craft beer. If you're with a group, book the high table in the back room and prepare to spend an evening eating, drinking, and laughing. Don’t be surprised if you get infected by the enthusiasm of this new gem of a Barcelona restaurant, which is poised to become a classic.

Who goes:
Locals, organic wine lovers & foodies

Spanish share plates

Monday to Saturday 13.00hrs – 15.30hrs and 20.00hrs – 23.30hrs

+34 936 11 18 85

XIRINGUITO ESCRIBÀ €€€ | Area: Poble Nou | Avenida del Litoral 42 | Metro: Llacuna (yellow line L4) | Website

For a memorable meal have lunch on the seafront at Escriba Xiringuito. The perfect place to enjoy a large number of seafood dishes in a modern and intimate atmosphere. The owner, Joan Escribà, continues the tradition of the Escribà and Tholoniat families, who are renowned in the pastry cooking world of Barcelona and Paris - so be sure to order a dessert! Make reservations to be safe.

Who goes:
Mostly a local crowd, great for large families 

Catalan ‘surf-and-turf’ type of meat and fish combination – as well as a traditional Valencian paella. 

Monday to Sunday 13.00hrs - 16.30hrs and 20.00hrs - 23.00hrs

+34 932 210 729


Essential Catalan Dishes…

The gastronomic offer of Barcelona is influenced by a number of cultures, it clearly sparks the Mediterranean flavor on its dishes thanks to using of olive oil, fresh veggies, fish, and meat. One can say that Catalan gastronomy is a dynamic combination of ancient and new traditions. You shouldn’t leave Barcelona without trying:

Pa amb tomaquet. An art on itself and an identity to Catalan people. Bread rubbed with garlic, tomato, olive oil and a pinch of salt in that very same order.

Bunyols de Bacalla. Codfish pastries, slightly crunchy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside that are served as an appetizer or just eaten as street food. Best is found at Barcelona Markets.

Escalivada. Eggplant and Bell Peppers cooked in ashes served with a generous amount of olive oil are the ingredients of this perfect pairing to Pa amb Tomaquet.

Trinxat. Literally, to slice, this is a classic dish from the Catalan Pyrenees mountains made with cabbage, potatoes and pork meat.

Mel I Mato. A classic Catalan dessert that combines curd cheese and honey and that has its origins in the middle age.

Crema Catalana. Burned cream recipe unique to Catalonia as the custard is flavored with orange zest and cinnamon, and the sugar caramelized under an iron boiler.

Catanies. Locally grown almonds toasted and covered with caramel, white chocolate, and powdered black chocolate. A perfect pair with sweet wine or coffee.