Seminar for Lawyers & Migration Agents, Perth

Case Studies in Ethics

Tuesday 3 March 2020

This seminar gets into the depth of migration issues taught at a very practical level, from strategies at the visa level, dealing with Immigration and what are the appeal options. Bring your questions and difficult points to raise. You get a wealth of material including source material. You will come away from this seminar with enhanced knowledge.

Topics covered are work visas (temporary, skilled and employer sponsored), full discussion of judicial review to teach you when does court become an option, how to conduct a cases before the AAT, plus points on how to do submission writing. Compliance issues (ie dealing with Immigration, how to handle an interview, preparing clients etc), issues surrounding unlawful non-citizens and ministerial intervention are also covered. Ethics is covered in a mandatory ethics point.

All sessions are accredited with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) & all sessions attract CPD points for Lawyers with their respective associations & societies.

Schedule of Events:


3:00pm: Time Limits

4:00pm: Character and Criminal Law Issues in Migration Matters

5:00pm: Case Studies in Ethics