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Paris, France

Pan Europe Pacific Conference

Saturday 4 - Saturday 11 April 2020


Paris, France

Pan Europe Pacific Conference

Saturday 4 - Saturday 11 April 2020

With spring time in Paris comes the blossoming of flowers and the opportunity to ride bicycles through cobblestone streets feeling the cool air brush past you. From bakeries and cheese shops, to cafes and restaurants, there is something delicious and tantalising to any palate, most of which can be complemented with a full-bodied glass of French wine.

Separate from its famous lifestyle, Paris is an important cog in the engine of the global economy, allowing delegates a platform with which to further learning in economics, law, politics and medicine. The Paris School has been a world centre of medical research and teaching since the 1700’s, and was one of the first to emphasize that teaching and research should be based in large hospitals. The term ‘Paris Medicine’ comes from the French Revolution, where a series of changes to hospital and care occurred. The french legal system is also based on civil law rather than the common law which is practiced in Australia, which provides for some fascinating discussion.

To make the most of your Parisian experience, we recommend not only taking the time to tour the famous and architecturally stunning sites of the city, but also journey through the maze of markets, shopping districts, art museums and clubs that the city serves to the traveler on a platter.

Paris has it all and exquisite culinary options are just the beginning. The modern art galleries, famous museums, stylish boutiques and haute couture houses abound, prompting visitors to try and ‘do it all’. Of course this is almost impossible, which is why visitors return to explore and rediscover Paris again and again.

Walk (or take the lift) up the infamous Eiffel Tower for unparalleled views over the city, or venture underground to inspect the remains of 6 million people from 18th century France at the Catacombs of Paris; there really is something for everyone!

For these reasons and more, Paris has remained a staple in the CPE conference calendar for the past 18 years.

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“Paris is always a good idea”
Audrey Hepburn