Lisbon, Portugal

Pan Europe Pacific Conference

9 - 16 SEPTEMBER 2019

Historically, Portugal represents a big leap forward in modern civilisation, as Prince Henry (the navigator) in the 15th century setup a multidisciplinary team to take seamanship and navigation on a great leap forward. He set up his institute at Sagres on Portugal’s southwest point, with the establishment being one of the world’s first research and development facilities that brought together Europe’s leading geographers, cartographers, astronomers, and mathematicians, as well practical sailors and shipbuilders.

The result paved the way for navigators like Diaz, Vasco da Gama and Magellan (who undertook the first circumnavigation of the world). Prince Henry Institute became part of the University of Lisbon, where the multidisciplinary studies of grammar, logic and rhetoric would form the basis of legal studies. 

Lisbon has a wonderful culture with its architecture going back over a millennium to its Moorish origins merging into its European Mediterranean traditions. The iconic yellow trams weave a wonderful romantic pattern through a city filled with centuries-old castles, statues and monuments. The food is distinctly Latin, complemented by its seafaring origins. The music is Iberian with its own timbre 'The Fado’, with strong male and female voices accompanied by stringed instruments adding a richness to dining out in Lisbon. All can be washed down by excellent Portuguese wine.

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