We do things differently & that makes the difference.

CPE Conferences’ success as a quality CPD provider is not based on a formula, but an exciting kaleidoscope of internationally crafted exclusive academic and social programs. The conferences have been perfected over the last 24 years by a team of professionals, for professionals led by Barrister-at-Law, Lorenzo Boccabella.

Expect the unexpected. Unlike other conferences, our academic agenda remains fluid until the commencement of the conference.

This enables us to capitalise on the educational opportunities presented by both the location and the constant changes in global current affairs and technology faced by legal, medical and dental professionals in the 21st century.

Our academic content includes high quality presentations from Australian and International Specialists in the Law, Medicine, Dentistry and Business. We regularly hear from experts local to the conference destination through both lectures and academic field trips. Our longstanding tradition has been to push the delegates’ educational boundaries by exploring the conference destination not only through travel, but also through its medical and legal environment and political context. 

Find out more about our Legal, Medical and Dental Agendas.

Peruse our website for forthcoming legal conferences, medical conferences and dental conferences.

Upcoming Conferences

We have over 20 upcoming conferences that we will be hosting in fantastic locations across Australia, Europe, The America's and The North and South Poles. For just a taste, see some of our upcoming conferences for 2019 below.


Britain Pacific Conference

London, UK

28 December 2019 - 4 January 2020


 Europe Pacific Conference

Courmayeur, Italy

7 - 14 January 2020



Europe Asia Conference

Venice, Italy

16 - 23 January 2020



Pan Europe Asia Conferece

Cortina, Italy

26 January - 2 February 2020


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